Aug 03, 2014 · Normal ~2 readings per second (> –30 dBm approximately) ~1 readings per second (≤ –30 dBm approximately) High-speed ~23 readings per second (> –30 dBm approximately) ~10 readings per second (≤ –30 dBm approximately)
Also, as pointed out by N7EKU, your body has a loading effect on them, and a 1.6 : 1.0 SWR is very acceptable for a rubber duck. Also, you need to measure return loss using a network analyzer, most SWR meters are terribly inaccurate at VHF and above.
Feb 04, 2006 · This probably should go in the Amps Section but i'm talking bass amp so here it is. I bought a new SWR Workingman's 2004 head (200 watts) a while back. Used it only one time on a SWR 4-10T & 1-15T Cab set up in a livingroom jam. The head cut out after 2 hours at high volume and I thought it blew up.
Clip it off and bend the end over the top of the antenna and replace the little cover each time you re-check the SWR readings ,,,, The idea is to get channels one and forty to have the same SWR reading, somewhere between 1:1 and 2.5:1 ,,,,,, that way all of the other channels will have an SWR reading at or below that level ,,,,,,
On the normal antenna ie the BMW there is a set screw in the base that hold the antenna rod in place. So loosen it and raise (to lengthen) or push in (to shorten) as is needed by the readings on the SWR. Tighten it down and read them again to see how low you can get all the readings.
You need to tune the antenna. On an antenna such as the Firestik II, it has a tunable screw in the end and makes things really easy. Before I bought an antenna, the CB shop told me that on your standard fiberglass antenna, you pop the rubber part off the end and pull out a bit of the wire at a time and trim it off until you get acceptable readings.
M eter Displays forward RF power, reflected RF power and swr. Uppermost scale is for high (H) and low (L) power swr reading. Low power swr scale is for RF power below 5W. High power swr scale iŠ for RF power over 5W. Second and third scales are for RF power mea- surement which are 5W, 20W and 200W full scales.
Channel 1 and 40.This will check SWR for all channels. 6 While still holding down the mic button, set the S/RF SWR CAL switch to the SWR position, to read the SWR reading. 5 DYNAMIKE RFGAIN D S/RF SWR CAL NB/ ANL ANL OFF CB PA B MIN MAX MIN MAX SQUELCH OFF VOLUME SIG 1 3 5 7 9 +30dB SWR 2 3 CAL RF SWR is most commonly perceived as a measurement of relative strength, or strength compared to overall body weight. So the SWR formula for a particular exercise is strength divided by body weight. For example, if you can bench press 250 pounds (ideally a 10-rep max), and your body weight is 200 pounds, you’d divide 250 by 200 and find that ...
CN901HP DAIWA Power/SWR meter Suitable for tuning antenna system and other power/swr measurements A must have item for proper tuning and peaking of transmitters and RF amplifiers. This unit covers the entire spectrum from 1.8 to 200MHz with 10% accuracy.
High SWR (Above 10:1): A reading is possible on the VSWR meter for SWR greater than 10. If the indication is more than 10 after step j (3), change the RANGE switch to the next 10 db position (now two steps, or 20 db, above the initial setting). Read the SWR on the 1 to 4 SWR scale and multiply the reading by ten.
SWR meter readings take into consideration the antenna, the coaxial cable, the mount, the mounting location, the vehicle and objects in the antennas near-field environment. We broke our list of common high SWR causes into six primary categories.
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You can then verify the couplings and relative temperatures of each component with a spot-reading non-contact infrared thermometer. But often, it’s a better choice to re-evaluate the situation and see if there’s a better way to go about this. Sep 14, 2015 · The SWR can be calculated by taking the ratio of the impedance to 50 ohms, giving SWR = 73/50 = 1.5. (By the way, for impedances less than 50 ohms, the SWR is calculated using SWR = 50/R.) Dipole antennas generally work well, so the antenna efficiency will be high and depends on the actual construction of the antenna.
> field-strength measurements at various SWR's. Walt Maxwell describes > spacecraft antenna systems that have SWR's up to 16:1. As we all know, > in a spacecraft, power is at a premium, and yet the professional > engineers don't seem to feel that the "high" SWR is a problem. Perhaps > we should learn something from them.
The change of SWR was from around 1.15 down to 1.08 and the point of lowest SWR moved to the centre of the 2m band. It’s a good result and shows again how helpful it can be to look at the SWR reading closely and check it across the band. Achieving results like this can be a big confidence booster to the home constructor.
May 28, 2016 · The best and flattest SWR comes from the 2 foot diameter Cage dipole in the flat top configuration. Despite the large amount of wire one needs for this, I have to admit an antenna that is naturally wideband is very appealing. Even with the 2 foot cage in the Inverted V shape, the SWR is very flat, but a bit higher overall.
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SWR READINGS An example using the chart below: Assume your transmitter is producing exactly 100 watts to the antenna connector and your SWR Meter is reading 1.6 to 1. (See Green section in chart below)
Jan 27, 2003 · What is a good SWR reading ? The best reading possible is 1.01:1 (46dB return loss), but usually a reading below 1.5:1 is acceptable. Outside the perfect world a 1.2:1 (20.8dB return loss) is spot on in most cases. To ensure an accurate reading, it is best to connect the meter at the base of the antenna.
With the antennas of the analyzer and the transmitter under test nearly touching, keying up the transmitter should produce a reading on the MFJ LCD display. You will also note that the SWR indicator needle moves. With this set up, the SWR meter acts as a field strength meter. MFJ advises that sensitivity is from 500Mv, to a maximum of 5 v.
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Without touching the antenna the SWR was continually jumping around from 0 to about 12 and back to zero. The defective antenna alarm triggers at about SWR 50. 16 SWR is OK but when you get up around 50 you most likely have some issue and could result in reduced range. Mike.
be subtracted from the forward power readings. The most accurate peak power readings are obtained only with a sustained carrier, voice or two tone test modulation. During normal voice modulation the wattmeter will typically indicate 70% of the true peak power. The SWR is read directly from eleven red SWR curves that range from 1:1 to infinity.
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Sep 07, 2019 · Congrats on getting acceptable SWR readings. The bad SWR readings with the antenna on the ground or even 6 ft off the ground are normal and to be expected, even with a perfectly matched antenna.
Feb 07, 2012 · Two of these are for forward power (two scale settings – 300W and 30W) and two for reflected power readings (60W and 6W). These are the four pots. Then it was a simple matter of connecting the rig to the transmitter connector and a dummy load to the antenna connector on the meter, choosing a power setting on the rig, keying down to produce a signal and seeing what the reading was.
A concept that is useful to know is SWR, or more accurately, VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). Fixed mount VHF Marine radios interconnect to their antennas by coax cable. The cable is known as a "transmission line" that transfers power from the radio to the antenna.
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SWR. Your standing wave ratio is a measurement of the efficiency of your antenna system. Less efficient systems will have a higher SWR. reading and will result in poor performance and potential damage to your radio. Therefore, it's always important to measure the SWR reading of your antenna system with regularity.
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Key the microphone and look at the SWR reading on the SWR meter for channel 40. Take note of that reading. Repeat steps 6 through 10, this time on channel 1. See SWR Range Explanations below. The lower the reading, the better your CB radio will perform. The goal is to set the antenna to the lowest SWR readings possible, evenly across the 40 ...
It makes little difference in the SWR where I operate and it reduces the power output. I see anywhere from .5 to about 5W reflected power when the antenna is in-line and when I dummy load the radio and all readings are within normal range. Any ideas? Thanx, K6JMQ Dec 5th 2014, 23:45: AA6E Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
Meaning, once I get SWR readings with a certain cable length, does that cable length HAVE TO BE part of the end result with the final build of the antenna cable system? If I get an acceptable SWR reading, say with a 2ft cable as strictly as an example, do I have to leave it at 2ft cable length or can I change the cable length to shorter or ...
Some electrolytics (especially high temperature types) can give higher readings and still be OK. Others can read significantly lower and be OK. In general, be wary of a capacitor with an ESR reading more than double the figures shown here. If you get a reading less than half, check the capacitor with an ohm meter... it might be shorted.
MFJ-826B - High-accuracy Digital SWR/Wattmeter, 1.8-60 MHz. MFJ’s high-accuracy digital SWR/Wattmeter/ Frequency Counter measures 100 milliwatts to 1500 Watts. You get three high-resolution ranges with 10-bit accuracy in each range from 1.8 to 60 MHz! True peak or average forward and reflected Watts, SWR and frequency can be simultaneously displayed. You can also select auto-ranging bargraph ...
You want to end up with equal SWR readings at each end of the band you are tuning for. So long as the antenna's design is basically sound, the lowest SWR will naturally occur inside the band, at the antenna's resonant frequency. No, I didn't miss the middle when drawing the line.
Interpreting SWR Readings. An ideal SWR reading is 1.0, but this reading is usually possi-ble only under laboratory conditions or with a dummy load. Ac-tual antenna installations have higher readings. The in-formation below will help you interpret the readings you get. SWR Efficiency Interpretation. 1.0 to 1.5 Excellent The antenna cable and the
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If your SWR reading is too high then your transmit power isn't leaving through your antenna properly, and part of your radio's output power is feeding back to the radio. Remember, the closer your ratio is to 1:1 (standing wave ratio), the more optimised your CB system will be. Low SWR readings will provide a long lasting and better performing ...
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